Trips To Protect Your Personal Magnetism

if you feel that no matter how many people you meet, they are always negative, sad, down or envy for things you don’t even comprehend, don’t worry, here are some steps to take in mind when you meet this kind of people, in order for you to be protected and affect them positively.

How to control and protect your magnetism?Personal Magnetism

If you always feel that those influences have no particular reason to come to your life, is because they are meant to teach you grow and be stronger, for that reason, be prudent and not take everything personally all the time.

If you are exposed to very dark and bad energies, meditate and consciously desire peace and love to that person, especially if you are talking to it, think yourself as a fountain full of love and good willing.

Always think about and repeat these words to yourself: I am love, I am light, I am a beautiful fountain of never ending piece, do it all day and meanwhile you are talking to someone, always look at the point between the eyebrows to send that love you are thinking about.

 Meditate about the god that you believe in or your cosmic superior, see yourself travelling towards it, feel it’s power, talk to it, pray, have a internal dynamic and talk about that particular person which seems to be harmful and dangerous to you, whish her/him positive feelings, ask for help to your god and after that, thank it for what it has teach you.