The Meaning of Dreams

Dreams are presented in a general way when we sleep and, even that in some cases we cannot remember them or what we remember is very confusing, you need to take into account that doing a good interpretation of them can be of a great help.


Now, you need to know that even that a lot of dreams are presented in a very clear way, offering their messages in a very direct way, there are some other dreams that are full of mystery.

No matter the kind of dreams that you have, here you have some advices that will help you in recognizing their meanings.

The meanings of the dreams

At the time that you want to decipher the dreams and know their meaning, you need to have in your hand a diary in which you can write down all what you dream. At the same time, you need to have a special dictionary of the dreams. You can also search the meanings on the Internet.

So you can know the meaning of your dreams, you need to take into account the following steps:

–          When you wake up you need to try to remember all what you have dreamt. Thinks good about it and take into account all the specific aspects that were part of the dream. You need to write down all these aspects in your diary, no matter if they are people, places or events.

–          When you have a good register of your dream, what you need to do is to look up in your dictionary the meaning of the relevant aspects that you have seen in it. In these dictionaries, you can know all the meanings of these aspects.

–          After knowing the meaning, which is usually a general meaning, what you need to do is to make an analysis of the dream so you can understand the message in it.

In case you have nightmares or repeated dreams with symbols or strange elements, it is a good idea to ask to a seer who has more knowledge about the topic.