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Tarot News Blog

Tarot news blog exists to make your life easier and better, you can know here about the news of the tarot and the fortunes that are waiting for you anytime. First of all you need to know the tarot is a beautiful Art that have many years of history, countless symbols and legends helping to the people to believe more about this amazing art.Tarot news blog

The tarot has a deck of 78 cards (22 have images and the others are just a reflect), this astrological art started in Northern Italy and first was used as a game named Triumphs, after many years it became a tool for the divination. It was very popular in Europe in the Renaissance time; gradually the tarot became in something more spiritual. Nowadays the Tarot is very important and recognized as an astrological Art in the occidental world.

And because we live in a bussy world the technology help us to ask the tarot about our fortune and life in person and if it’s not possible we can have it by telephone, internet, chat, email, Skype, etc. The only thing you need to give is your full name and the date of your birth, sometimes you will be asked to bring or send a picture of yourself and your handwriting so the reader can have a better idea of who you are.

Some of the cards are: Magicians, that helps to solve your problems. The Empress, great leader. The lovers cards, they are lovely and kind. Justice cards, very objective, etc.