Symbols And Influences Of The Signs Of The Zodiac

There are a lot the issues that we can deal with concerning the signs of the Zodiac and, amongst them, we can find the symbols and the elements that influence them.

If you want to know more about these aspects of each of the sign, here you will be able to do so.

signs of the Zodiac

Signs of the Zodiac and Their Symbols

The symbols of the signs is a very important relevant aspect that you need to know as their elements, planets and the natural element that influences them.

Libra: This sign is presented with the symbol of the Scale. Concerning the element that influences the sign, it is known that this is the Air, which offers the sign features as decision and the diplomatic behavior. It planet is Venus.

Taurus: It has a symbol the figure of the Bull. It is governed by Venus and its element is Earth, which offers the sign of materialism but also liability.

Scorpio: It has a symbol the figure of a Scorpio and its planet is Pluton. Its element is Water and it is what makes the sign very charming and also reserved.

Gemini: It has a symbol the figure of the Twins. This sign is reined by Mercury and its element is the Air, which makes it very changing and it also offers the sign a very analytical capacity.

Sagittarius: It has a symbol the figure of the Archer. Its element is the Fire, which offers the sign optimism. Its planet is Jupiter.

Aries: The Ram is its symbol and the element is the Fire. In this case, the element gives a lot of energy and also impulsivity to the sign. Its planet is Mart.

Cancer: It is represented by the Crab and its planet or the celestial body is the Moon. Concerning the element of the sign, it is Water which influences the sign by offering it a very emotional behavior and very comprehensive.

Capricorn: It is represented by the Goat and it’s governed by Saturn. Its element is the Earth which makes it very witty and also unquiet.

Leo: It has as a symbol the figure of the Lion and its star is the Sun. Its element, as it is easy to guess, is the Fire which offers the sign its grandiosity and also its creativity.

Aquarius: It symbol is the water carrier and its planet is Uranus. Its element is the Air, which offers the sign a very inventive mind and a very idealistic personality.

Virgo: It is the sign that is represented by a Virgin and its reigned by Mercury. Its element is the Earth, for which it is represented as a very hard-working sign, but also as very obsessive and perfectionist.

Pisces: It has a symbol the figure of the Fish and its planet is Neptune. Concerning its element, this is Water, which makes the sign of the sensible and also with a very adaptive behavior.