Symbolism of the signs- What do you know about them?


If you really want to know all about of the Zodiac signs, there is not enough with reading, for example, the personality of Aries or how Sagittarius is. There is a lot of other information that you need to know and that is of the most important if you really want to understand the natives of each sign and be able to identify them easily. Here, we are going to talk about the symbolism of the signs, so you have it a little easier when it comes to identify the signs’ natives.

Zodiac signs and their symbolism

Let’s have a look at the signs and what each of them symbolizes:

–          Aries: this signs symbolizes all what is referred to adventures, the beginning of everything, the mornings, the strength, the violence and the authority, bosses, youth and weapons.

–          Taurus: this is a sign that symbolizes the stability in life, the strength of will, the firmness and the strength, the sensuality, the good food and whatever related to the house, the music and the lasting feelings, as well as the art and the agriculture.

–          Gemini: when we talk about Gemini, we are talking about a sign that symbolizes mainly the duality of mind, the languages and travels, the businesses and the intellectual. They are also natives that symbolize the communication and the concrete mind.

–          Cancer: Cancer has a very strong symbolism and it is a symbol of the motherhood and maternity, giving birth, the family, house and kitchen. It is also a symbol of the rivers, as well as of the women feelings and imagination.

–          Leo: the natives of Leo are a symbol of energy and creativity, the games, the pride and vanity, as well as the royalty and sports. They also symbolize the education.

–          Virgo: in this case, we have to say that Virgo is a symbol of the search for the perfection, the critic and analysis, the system, the working class, the detail and the service. It also symbolizes health and efficiency.

–          Libra: when we think about Libra, the first thing that comes to our mind is justice and balance. This is what the sign symbolizes, but it is also a symbol of the principle, the agreements, the relations, the beauty and the art.

–          Scorpio: Scorpio natives are a symbol of the transmutation, renovation, the change and the mysterious. They are also a symbol of the dark forces, the destruction and regeneration, the fights and the challenges.

–          Sagittarius: it symbolizes the long travels, the laws, the prophecy, the abstract mind, the adventures, the sports, the speed and the wise men as well as the superior studies.

–          Capricorn: a strong symbol of the politics, the land, the mountains the top parts of everything, the obstacles and the fights, the professional ambitions and the fortune.

–          Aquarius: these natives symbolize the friendship, the spiritual, the universal love, the collective effort, the revolutions, the humanities, the progress and technology, and the electronics and the medicine.

–          Pisces: Pisces have a really strong symbolism and it is about the oceans, the variables and the changing things, the vice, the institutions, the sacrifice, the espionage, as well as the camouflage and the escapism.