Nature of Cancer

If we talk about the Cancer horoscope, we need to highlight that this sign is one of the most romantic that we can find. Now besides this and as a complement to its nature, you need to know that people under this sign are usually very sentimental and sensitive.

cancer horoscope

Having these two aspects clear about the character of this sign, it is time to talk about it a bit more, but first, you need to know if you are really Cancer. To know this, you or the person in which you are interested have to be born between the 21st June and the 23rd July. If it is this way, then this is your sign.

Cancer’s Character

To go deeper in the knowledge of Cancer, we need to mention some of the aspects that make their character. These are the following ones:

–       Understanding the character of Cancer is something very complex, as thus is the personality of the sign. That to say: on one side, Cancer is a very shy sign and, on the other, they are people who stand out for the influence that they can have on the others. These aspects of duality of this sign are what make it complex.

–       But, besides these, there are some other aspects that need to be known about Cancer. For example, you need to know that it is a very familiar sign and that it inclines for maternity. It is a very protective sign and home-made.

–       Besides this, you also need to know that they are very empathic with the feelings of the others; they are also very intuitive and, in general, they are good artists.