Making The Celtic Cross With The Cards

One of the most common readings that can be done with the Tarot is the reading known as the Celtic Cross. Now, if you want to learn to do it, here you will have the steps to do so.

Celtic Cross

Steps to make the Celtic Cross

If you want to make this reading, it is necessary for you to have a deck of cards and a good place to do so. Now and with all this ready, you need to do as follows:

To start with it, you need to have clear the question by which you want to ask the cards.

Now, you need to mix them and cut the deck. While you do so, you need to think about the question that you want to have answered.

When you have mixed and cut the deck, what you need to do is to take them and place them in the following way. The card number one has to go in the center; the second one, above it; and the third one, under the one in the center.

Cards number 4, 5 and 6 are placed according to the direction of the hands of the watch. With the 7th, you need to place it under the 6th. In the case of the cards 8, 9 and 10, they are place above card number 6.

Concerning the reading, what you need to do is to start in order; that means that you need to start from the 1st one until the 10th. You can make the interpretation with the method that you most like or you can just analyze each of the cards and copy the Reading in a sheet so you can later give the interpretation for them.