Chinese Horoscope: The Monkey

These natives are full of energy, charm and they are very fun. They are moving all the time and they are also very versatile and very naughty, with an agile mind and very intelligent.


They love improving and following their instincts. This is due to their creative nature that is accompanied by a lot of curiosity.

It needs to be highlighted their astrological correspondence with the sign of Leo, for which both signs share qualities that talk about their basic natures.

The ones born under the sign of the Monkey do not have a lot of problems with the others’ feelings but they love to have fun with them, attitude that cannot like all the others.

Ignoring them or contradict them can make them be mad and, combined with hate, will be a huge problem.

They have a very good memory and they can easily mention something that they have just read or heard.

In love, monkeys are hard to get; they love romance but not more than they freedom. Occasional passions will never be enough for them. Its nature does not allow this sign to grow and mature, so it will get bored easily until he finds the perfect person for it.

When it comes to socialize, there is anyone like them. They are excellent and not only to chat but also to follow the line of the conversation for hours. They hate silences.

The Monkey is compatible with the Chinese signs of the Dragon and the Rat, being not very compatible with the Horse and the Snake.