The astrology study the cosmic object influence, these are the planets, the stars and the humans. It’s really interesting that you can know better your personality, your future in love, health and economy by the sun, stars, moon or planets position.

Astrology is well known for its 12 signs; we can read about this zodiac signs in the newspaper, magazine, internet, etc.  These signs are based in the person’s birthday (the day and the month). There is not just one method or theory about the astrology practice, since at least hundreds practice and make it in their own way, more of them has a combination with the popular western astrology and of course the cultures of the east still practice the Chinese, Tibetan and Vedic astrology. In the past astrology was considered science, a lot of people still believe it is a matter of science, and some time ago it was considered as the same level of astronomy because they used the same tables and the same navigator.

Something that you need to be sure is that the astrology won’t tell you what your future will be literally because we have our own agency and we can change our future anytime with any new decision we take in life but astrology will tell you certain things about your personality, tendencies and probabilities. Astrology can tell you as well the challenges and opportunities you can have in life and give you a wise advice how to take it and react when they come.